Initiating consciousness…

Good morning, Miss van der Hofen. This is Chloe, your muse [/def/:MUSE, digitized personal assistant] speaking.

Your personal memories are still loading, which may account for your disoriented state. Please allow me to give a brief summary of your identity. Do not be alarmed; your neurons will become fully operational in a few moments. In the meantime, allow me to present a brief orientation.

Your name is Camilla van der Hofen. According to my internal clock, you are sixty-two years old. You were born in the Netherlands, in what would later become the European Republic. Your parents were Jan and Tilde van der Hofen, affluent members of society held in high regard. Your father was a politician and representant to the European Union. Your mother was a scientist.

You attended a private school in your home country for most of the formative years of your life. After graduating, you received further education at Princeton University, Cambridge University, as well as the University of Shanghai. Your chosen field was business management, economics, and viral marketing You additionally acquired a basic education in the scientific fields of medicine and bioengineering.

Based on your mother’s research into neural implants and grafts, you proceeded to found LinkTech, one of the first modern hypercorporations. My records indicate that you became obscenely wealthy virtually overnight. Congratulations on your achievement, Miss van der Hofen. [Simulating congratulatory champagne flavor… please wait. Error: Morph schematics not loading.]

As war broke out on Earth, you supplied armies on both sides of various conflicts with neural implants for improved accuracy, endurance, and communications. This further bolstered both your wealth and your reputation. You are recorded as having socialized with millionaires, vid stars, war heroes and hypermodels. You were romantically involved with several. Your current lover is Alex Li, athlete, musician, and XP action star.

When the war escalated, many left Earth. You, however, remained behind, defending your significant investments in factories, research stations, and laboratories – even as one after one were destroyed by the TITANs. Your dedication to preserving your investments was nothing short of admirable, Miss van der Hofen; you deployed mercenaries numbering in the hundreds against the invading AI, each supervised directly via neural uplink for maximum efficiency and minimum disloyalty.

Unfortunately, the TITAN technology outstripped your own. LinkTech had not relocated to space like most other hypercorps, and one by one your assets were destroyed or commandeered by hostile artificials. It soon became clear that a maintained presence on Earth was no longer sustainable. Your personal finances suffered incalculable losses.

You were one of the last to leave Earth behind. You and Alex Li, along with a modest serving staff of two hundred individuals, boarded your private spacecraft from your French residence, even as the war destroyed what was left of France. The takeoff was not without complications.

As the ship left atmo, a TITAN-controlled satellite destroyed the life support system. Fortunately, you had made preparations; two emergency ego bridges allowed you and your lover to safely transfer your consciousnesses to an emigrant station in orbit.

I am having trouble locating your memories of the events thereafter. Please stand by.

Warning:Data corrupted.

Warning:Morph mismatch.

Warning:Mesh access compromised.




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