Aharon Zürer

Genius scientist. Dead.


Aharon Zürer was the grandson of Esther Zürer and one of the pioneers in human-machine interfacing. He designed the prototype splicer that’s still in use today, in various forms of modifications, and was also a pioneer in life extending genetic treatment and inventor of various useful implants.

Aharon died under mysterious circumstances during the Fall, but a small part of his consciousness survives in Esther’s muse – an AI based on fragmented information from one of Aharon’s backups, regrettably corrupted beyond the ability to fully restore.

One of his last acts in life was to discover a fatal flaw in his splicer design. He had time to note down a dangerous backdoor that could potentially be exploited by the TITANs, but he died before he had time to patch the designs.


Aharon Zürer

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