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Camilla van der Hofen: Chloe
Red: Brother Helpful
Esther Z├╝rer: Aharon


Rez and Rep rewards


New Shanghai – current location
Skinaesthesia – a morph designing company who had gotten possession of one of Aharon’s old discs, keyed to Camilla’s brain waves.
Red Lotus – a smoking den in Little Shanghai, a favorite haunt of Lije Bailey.
The Aeon Morph – a new type of morph with pale skin, a bigger brain, and improved splicer ports allowing for faster, seamless wireless communication with other Aeons. Designed by Skinaesthesia.
Jacob Varyn – Skinaesthesia doctor and PR guy. Killed by Red, who possesses his cortical stack.
Kuta – friendly octomorph.
Minako Hotaro – up-and-coming vid star, willing to fuck her way to fame. Has the favors of Alex Li, for the moment.

Main Page

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