Brother Helpful

Netizen Red!

You are currently located in Little Shanghai, on Mars. Little Shanghai is a harmonious society run by the Planetary Consortium, which constitutes the local government. They are looking out for Your well-being! Other influential movements include: The Shui Fong Triad, a criminal organization that is potentially harmful to Your well-being, as well as the Barsoomian Network, a worker’s right movement established without the consent or leadership of appropriate authorities. Please take care when interacting with these movements, Netizen.

Your Rep status is currently: soaring. Your illegally acquired, unauthorized morph is very popular amongst the locals, particularly those with ties to the Barsoomian Network. There is a request that you share and upload the experience of acquiring it. Please be adviced that doing so may alert authorities to your criminal actions.

Your schedule for today is: Clear. Congratulations, netizen! You have been a productive and contributing member of society. You have fulfilled the following tasks: Assault and battery of 2 factory foremen on behalf of the Barsoomian Network. Theft of 9 pieces of terraforming equipment. Your reward was: 2031 Barsoomian Solidarity Points [You have gained a level today!] Please be adviced, these actions were illegal. Would you like me to alert the appropriate authorities [Y/n]?

[No selected.]

I will not alert the appropriate authorities. Please be adviced, they are looking out for Your well-being!

You have: 1 new message.


[Public Key Decryption Complete]

Mr. Red,

We need to talk. Meet me at the Red Lotus in downtown Little Shanghai, ASAP. I am tracking your movements by means of social media analysis. It’s only a matter of time before your morph’s true owners become aware of your actions.

I can help prevent that.

/A friend.

Brother Helpful

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