Running update…


Your location is Phobos, orbiting Mars. Local economy: Transition. Local government: Hypercorp [Cognite]. You are currently under deep cover – maximum privacy settings are enabled. I have finished transferring uploaded Cognite data via neutrino tightbeam to your Argonaut contacts. Congratulations on a completed undercover mission. Current priority: Exfiltration from Cognite habitat. Suggested destination is New Shanghai, Mars, a Consortium habitat. You may travel there by shuttle from the Mount Olympos space elevator, which we will pass by in approximately 2 minutes.

New Shanghai is currently pleasantly temperated. The city is home to various forms of trade, barter, and entertainment; habitat is 98% nonhostile. Recommending that you disable privacy settings on arrival, as access to credits and C-Rep is currently frozen. Your Rep status will update as soon as safe contact can be established, affording you the ability to indulge in a reward of your choice. Suggested destination based on prior choices: Evolution Museum in Nytrondheim District, offering vid simulations of scenic locations on Earth ten million years before the Fall.

Resleeving will not be required for the trip.

I am currently preparing your morph for interfacing with the shuttle. Shuttle jump to Mount Olympos imminent. Please attach your seatbelt. Jump in T minus thirty seconds.

Enjoy your trip, Grandmother.


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