Alex Li

Traitorous former boy-toy


Alex Li is a vid- and music star, known for his heavily sexualized handsome appearance. He was a minor celebrity on Earth before his involvement with Camilla van der Hofen, which raised him to true celebrity status.

When the couple fled Earth, Alex sold out Camilla to the Nine Lives Syndicate. As a result, he inherited what remained of her hypercorp, sold it for parts, and retired to a life of ultra-luxury on a private habitat orbiting Mars. Today, people literally stand in line to lick his boots and/or parts of his anatomy.

Things are looking good for Alex Li.

For now.


Originating as a handsome boy picked by a large Asian entertainment corporation, Alex was first part of two boy-bands before breaking out on his own. He got a few parts in Western vid performances, raising him to semi-viral status, before he caught the attention of Camilla, who found him attractive and entertaining. She invited him to a party, and they clicked. Alex was her boy toy for three years prior to the Fall, acquiring considerably more fame in the process.

He’s a good 25 years younger than Camilla.

Alex Li

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